About the event

The Northern Ireland Graduate Recruitment Fair is a premier event delivered in partnership by Ulster University and Queen's University Belfast connecting talented graduates with top employers.

Our Exhibitors

Our Exhibitors

Access hundreds of job opportunities and connect directly with top employers including our lead sponsor Grant Thornton.

Discover graduate jobs, postgraduate study opportunities and expand your network of career connections.

Don't miss this chance to kickstart your career journey!

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What students say

Securing my future

I'm going because I want to maximise my chances of securing a fulfilling job that aligns with my passions and career goals.

Constanza Rigazio Animation student

Amazing opportunity

This is my opportunity to gain valuable insights from employers about their graduate schemes and how they can shape my professional development.

Cliona Devenney International Business with Data Analytics student

Industry networking

Going to the fair is my opportunity to network with alumni and industry leaders, opening doors to mentorship and guidance.

Natalia Lara-Nesbit Pharmacy student